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What is Garage Floor Epoxy?

Epoxy floor coating is a great way to transform your garage into a beautiful, stylish, and durable space. It can also hide flooring imperfections like stains and small cracks.

It is a popular choice with car hobbyists because it is easy to clean and maintain. It can be customized with different color options and decorative patterns. Some types include color chips that mimic marble or granite. Click here for more info.

Easy to Clean

Garage floor epoxy is a great flooring choice for those looking to keep their floors clean and in tip-top condition. They are effortless to keep clean and can look as good as new for years to come with a few simple tips.

Unlike regular concrete, epoxy does not release dust and cement particles onto other surfaces when swept or vacuumed. This keeps dirt and grit from getting embedded on the floor and causing scratches as you move your vehicles, machinery, or tools around the garage.

Epoxy floors are also very resistant to water, which makes them super easy to clean up spills or fluid leaks on the floor. If the spill has left a film on the epoxy, wipe it up with a paper towel or rag before it dries to prevent sticky residue from forming.

Another simple way to keep your epoxy floor clean is to use a solution of ammonia and water (about 2-3 ounces of ammonia per gallon of hot water). You can mix the solution at home or in your workshop, and it’s completely safe for your epoxy floors.


Epoxy garage floor coating is one of the most durable flooring options on the market. The resin in epoxy is mixed with a hardener to create a chemical bond that’s more than 10 times stronger than most other flooring products.

This durability is why many industrial, warehouse, and commercial buildings use epoxy as their flooring. Aside from being incredibly strong, epoxy also resists stains and chemicals.

Another benefit of epoxy is that it protects your garage floor from moisture. This prevents mold and mildew from growing, which often leads to odors that are unpleasant to breathe.

When choosing a garage floor epoxy, it’s important to choose a high-quality product that will stand up to heavy use and weather. This will ensure you get the most out of your epoxy garage floor.

Low Maintenance

Epoxy garage flooring is a relatively low-maintenance alternative to traditional concrete. It offers a number of benefits, including resistance to oil stains, salts, and other common chemicals.

Moreover, it is easy to clean, which makes it an ideal option for garages where people use tools and equipment frequently. It also offers an aesthetic that is sure to impress potential home buyers.

Another major benefit of epoxy is its longevity. In fact, many epoxy systems can last 20 years or more without needing to be repaired or replaced.

Garage floor epoxy is also extremely hard and thick, making it resistant to abrasion from commonly used garage items like metal wheeled toolboxes and jack stands. Additionally, it is shock-resistant, so any jarring impact or heavy items toppling over do not chip or damage the surface of your concrete.


A garage floor epoxy coating will increase the value of your home and add a high-quality sheen to your concrete floor. It will also be durable, easy to clean, and resist chemical stains and water damage.

Many people think that garage floor epoxy is too expensive, but it is actually surprisingly affordable when compared to other flooring options. The price range for a typical commercial-grade garage floor epoxy kit starts at just over $1 per square foot and includes an epoxy primer, high solids base epoxy color coat, color flakes, and a topcoat with a built-in urethane resin that has an abrasion resistance rating equal to your traffic load.

In addition to the cost of the product, you will need to consider the labor required for a professional garage floor epoxy installation. This includes prep work, which entails acid etching the concrete to prepare it for the epoxy. Check this out for more details.