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custom Stain Color Options

Stained concrete will take your flooring to a whole new level!

Interior Acetone Stains

Acetone Stains are primarily used for polished concrete and can be used on interior or exterior concrete. It transforms dull grey concrete into decorative, low-maintenance finished concrete flooring and penetrates deeper than acid stains or conventional color pigments.

Exterior Acid Stains

Available in multiple colors. The perfect choice for any concrete surface, inside or out, commercial or residential. Choose a stain color to transform your grey concrete into a beautiful masterpiece.

Water Based Stains

Water-based stains are mainly used for interior floors. It’s developed to enhance the look of flat or stamped concrete. It is very durable and will beautify basement floors, stucco walls, driveways, patios, and other concrete-like surfaces.

Solid Color Stains

Our solid color stain is a contractor grade, single component concrete stain that is highly durable and easy to use. It is mainly used to stain concrete, restore faded concrete or maintain concrete. It also has the option to cool concrete by up to 50 degrees.  

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