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Wedding Package

Starting at $5400

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Marketing Shoot

Starting at $900

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Our Happy Customers

Allison hardy realtor

"Connor, Cameron and the whole crew did an excellent job. The way the floor looked in my basement far exceeded my expectations. I would use them anytime for any type of flooring job."

Blaine Thomas

Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

"Great job. Makes my building look very clean. Super happy with the work. They were quick and the pricing couldn't be beat. All the other guys wanted to charge 2/3X as much. Thanks for the work."

Anita Marquez

"Elite did an amazing job on my garage epoxy flooring. They’re very trust worthy and have great customer service."

Marianne Tyson

"Elite Concrete did a fantastic job and provided a quality product. I needed new flooring in my basement that would hold up to dogs and kids and work well in a home gym. Our new epoxy floor is amazing. It was done in one day by an experienced crew who kept me updated throughout the install. This floor was affordable and will last for years. Thanks guys!"

Ken Asay

"The work was done on time, and professionally. I am very pleased with the assistance that they gave in extra work putting my garage material back in place. I give them a solid 5 of 5."

Kailee Jensen

"We love our new epoxy garage floor. Great company. Highly recommend!"

Stuart Perdue

"We love our new epoxy garage floor. Great company. Highly recommend!"

judith howard

“I had Elite Concrete come out and work on my garage and they did a fantastic job! Everything from the initial quote to the finished service was a great experience. If you want it done right, go to Elite Concrete.”

Steaphan catriona

“Should have posted this back when Taylor first came out to work on our garage. My garage looks fantastic now that I've had it coated. 10/10 would recommend anybody get this done to their garage. I'm going to have them come back out and coat my back porch!”

teran warner

“Best experience. Explained everything so I could understand. And my flooring is gorgeous! We met with several businesses and Taylor was by far the best. You can’t go wrong with elite!"

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