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Concrete Painting

Whether it’s your patio, driveway, or basement, we want you to have long lasting concrete.

Do You Need Concrete Painting?

At Elite Concrete Coatings, we want you to have long-lasting concrete, whether it’s for your patio, driveway, or basement. This means that we’re dedicated to meeting industry standards and having a knowledgeable team. 

Bring New Life to Worn-Out Concrete

As a family-owned and operated business, we stand by our work no matter what, so you can always expect the best from our professionals. Our expert concrete painting in Salt Lake County is only one of the many coatings we offer, but it brings the greatest color versatility.

Quality Concrete Painting

Our expert concrete painting is a great way to uplift a garage or basement in a cost-effective and high-quality way. Let us help create a floor that is protected with a color that matches your taste. Don’t delay! Elite Concrete Coatings is here to help. No matter what size the job or what your vision may be, our team is fully trained and equipped to handle any task.

Benefits of Painting Concrete

  • In your garage specifically, much of the dust that collects on your cars or storage comes from concrete. Painting removes dust so your space or cars can stay clean. As your concrete ages, it slowly breaks down into these dust particles that build up.
  • Concrete paint is affordable, so you have a durable flooring solution without breaking the bank. However, we also offer payment plans to help with any service your home needs.
  • This paint is light reflective so that the space can become brighter. Untreated concrete absorbs light for a dull and dark effect in your room. Improve the appearance of the entire room with a brighter area.
  • It also provides moderate floor protection, making your concrete resistant to oil, chemicals, water, and mold. This allows you to easily clean up spills without having a stain-riddled floor. Since the floor is dustless, your entire area will require less cleaning. The maintenance it does need will be easier than with other flooring options. When you’re ready to start painting, contact us and let’s put a plan into motion! 

Concrete Painting Process

Though painting concrete is slightly more challenging than painting indoor spaces, it’s an easy way to achieve the dream look of your home. Concrete is porous, so if it’s not prepped correctly, it will absorb paint and moisture that prevents proper adhesion. This begins with a porosity test that ensures your concrete will soak up water. If you notice water beads or show a rainbow sheen, your surface is not ready to paint.

To prepare your concrete, we’ll use diamond grinding to level your space and create a smooth, texturized surface that is ready for paint. After grinding, your concrete will need to be cleaned to altogether remove leftover debris. Paint only sticks well to clean, texturized surfaces, so proper preparation is critical.

Finally, you can choose the paint. Concrete paint comes in various colors and hues so that we can match any aesthetic your space needs. You can choose from epoxy-based or masonry paints depending on the function of the space. Epoxy-based paint provides maximum durability and stain resistance in garages or patios. However, masonry paint is still significantly durable and great for basements or other applications.


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